Full Circle

At this moment I find myself sitting propped up in bed, bathed in the cold blue-white glow of my laptop in the darkness of Lindsay and Bob’s guest room in Atascadero, California. ¬†Five months ago we embarked on day one of the Walkabout and made our first stop here. It simply blows my mind that we started our trip here on May 21st, and have since then lived a thousand lifetimes over 14,000 miles and 15 weeks. Over summer we explored the far reaches of the United States, delving into some of the most remote and the most populous locations it has to offer. Readers of this blog will note that I have not posted since August 21. At that point it became too much of a challenge to take in everything I was experiencing, process it, distill it down to words and then pump the text out into digital form while still living in the moment. Instead, I continued to only keep a written journal. By Montana I had filled one small leather-bound volume and started another. These books hold irreplaceable memories of a transcendent journey. It is from these pages that I intend to tell the tale of the rest of the Walkabout, from Michigan to New York City and all the way back to the Pacific Northwest.

We’ve been back in California for a month, today, and I’m still processing all that transpired. So much has happened since returning, mostly in the last week. Over the course of four days I celebrated my 28th birthday, got engaged to Tim, signed the lease on our new place in Oakland and ran my first 5K (for which I had been training all summer long). Our new life is beginning, and the Walkabout’s success had a direct role in crafting it. As we settle down, I shall begin transcribing.