Twin Lakes, Wisconsin

Panoramic of the Twin Lakes Property

Ah, finally a break. For the next two weeks we’re kicking back at Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, where Tim and his siblings whiled away the summers of their youth. Several generations of Tim’s family have spent long, lazy summers at this house, stretching back to the early 1900s. Back then you could order blue prints for a house out of a Sears catalogue before, you know, recycling it for toilet paper.

Tim: Captain of the Float Boat

Last year was my first summer at Twin Lakes. After just a few days I came to understand the magic of this place. Playing, swimming and fishing in the cool water, swinging languidly in the hammock, reading for hours underneath the awnings of the wraparound porch until the fireflies caught my eye. Never before had I seen Tim so completely at home, in his element. He knew exactly where everything was, how everything worked. Knick knacks, Archie comics and boat keys were still in the same places they had always been for decades.

Now I find myself once again in the cozy embrace of Twin Lakes. Here, where time has the consistency of blackstrap molasses, I will gradually unfold a marvelous tale of New Orleans.


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