Let’s take a moment to talk about what this trip is. Back in California we started referring to it as The Walkabout. Some of you might be thinking, “Walkabout? That thing Locke did in LOST that got him on the damn plane in the first place?” Well, sort of, but not really…unless you’re J.J. Abrams.

A walkabout is the traditional rite of passage for Australian Aborigine males, a period during which one departs from modern society to wander the bush and temporarily return to traditional Aboriginal life. During this spiritual journey one leaves city and job behind to experience one’s own land first-hand.

I believe that our journey is much like a walkabout. This year I left my life as I knew it behind to trek across this vast country of mine, to experience the richness of the land, and to learn about its diverse peoples. In the end I hope to better understand myself and my relationship to the world around me.

Spending three months traveling around the United States is also just really, really fun.

If you’re on Instagram, you can view photos from our Walkabout under #timandreawalkabout2013.


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